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Optimal Hormone Health

With a combined 10+ years in sexual health and medicine experience, Monica Bell DNP and Alex May provide services to the Salt Lake City community and beyond - their goal through Optimal Hormone Health is to treat, maintain, & demystify hormone replacement therapy through expert treatments. Book a consultation with Monica & Alex today! 

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Female Sexual Enhancement

Middle Aged Woman

53 yo woman with menopausal arthritis, depression, and decreased libido

Your work has 100% changed everything about my life for the better

I feel like you guys really care about me and how I am feeling. That doesn't happen very often. Your patients are not treated like cattle. I can email with any questions or concerns and you all get back with me right away.

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Using FDA-approved technology, our focused, low-intensity shockwave device can help strengthen & maintain erections - and it's not just for men! Anyone who wants to have a better erection. The Duo Treatment is quick, painless, and results can last up to 2 years! So is The Duo right for you? Take our quick quiz below!

Here at Optimal Hormone Health, we are the trusted resource for a healthy lifestyle and being your best self. Check out our blog for our best strategies, lifestyle changes, & more!

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Get to Know Monica Bell DNP

Monica Bell began practicing as a board-certified practitioner after receiving the highest caliber of medical training and education. In 2017, she opened her clinic to offer the residents of Salt Lake City professional diagnoses and individualized treatment plans.


Monica strives to keep up with current research and the latest developments in the field to provide the most effective treatments available and to help others live better and healthier lives.

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Demystifying Hormone Replacement Therapy & Sexual Medicine

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