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Duo for Men

Erection Enhancement & ED Treatment

Using FDA-approved technology, our focused, low-intensity shockwave device can help strengthen & maintain erections, by:

  • Increasing blood flow

  • Encouraging stem cells

  • Encouraging new blood vessel growth

Not just for men with ED, we can treat anyone who wants a better erection! Examples of good candidates for treatment include:

  • Anyone who wants a better erection

  • If you use Viagra or Cialis and get good response

  • If you use the above and get a poor response

  • If you have a difficult time maintaining an erection until completion

The treatment is quick and painless, with the full treatment including 6 sessions. Results can last up to 2 years!

*Results vary depending on current erection status. *

Senior Male Doctor

"Alex was very well trained and had lots of experience with treatments with the machine, which I know maximized the intended effects. The results are both visual and physical. My penis looked and felt healthier. Erections were easier to achieve and lasted longer. heir office is so private and nice it makes for a very pleasurable experience!"

68 yo Male

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