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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients say about us!

I feel like I am not exaggerating when I say that she saved our marriage!

I initially saw Monica to address my lack of energy and difficulty losing weight and just figured the lack of "action" in my marriage was just part of being married for 10 years and having kids! Monica started me on thyroid medication and began testosterone pellets and I can't imagine ever going back to the way I was feeling before. My energy is increased, I am able to think more clearly and, the best part, is the increased intimacy with my husband. He was very pleasantly surprised with the increase in my libido and is now a patient of Monica's also! 

(44 yo woman with decreased libido and energy 

My only regret is that I didn't do this therapy 20 years ago.

My vagina was no longer dry and irritating but supple, my hair started looking healthier and fuller, and the hot flashes disappeared plus I gained more muscle strength.   BUT the real BONUS was a newly discovered libido! Instead of anticipating painful sex because of vaginal dryness, sex became spontaneous, fun, enjoyable and much more frequent. My husband was so  impressed with all of the changes happening to me that he made an appointment to start his own program with Monica. The sparks are flying!! Truly Monica's program for me, and now I can say for us, has been life altering. 

(71 yo woman with vaginal dryness and low libido)

"Your work has 100% changed everything about my life for the better"

I feel like you guys really care about me and how I am feeling. That doesn't happen very often. Your Patients are not treated like cattle. I can email with any questions or concerns and you all get back with me right away.

(53 yo woman with menopausal arthritis, depression, and decreased libido)

"I've increased my focus as well as my energy level throughout my work day"

I always recommend Monica to my friends. Her approach is holistic and balances your overall health goals.

(59 yo man with brain fog and decreased energy)

"I truly feel like a much younger woman. Sex life is now fabulous."

Completely personalized and customized hormone therapy based on the very latest research -- not what was done 20 years ago!

(60 yo woman who had no libido)

"Improved my energy, strength, bone density and libido"

Monica's practice takes the time to individualize treatment with a creative and flexible approach. She examines all aspects of an individual's health and well being.

(67 yo woman with osteoporosis- which has seen signifiant improvement with hormone therapy)

"My mental and physical health has been more vibrant and less distracting"

Monica provides patient focused treatment which is scientifically backed and presented in a caring, thoughtful manner. I feel that Monica and her staff care about my well being and are committed to the role they play to optimize my health. Our visits are not rushed and are focused on learning my symptoms and communicating causes and solutions.

(56 yo woman with decreased libido and energy)

"I don't want to say that testosterone saved my marriage, but it was certainly instrumental!"

Don't miss having a sex drive now that you're in menopause? I didn't either, and it nearly cost me my marriage. I not only had no sex drive, I also had no interest in any physical intimacy. But once Monica prescribed testosterone, and my sex drive returned, I realized how much I did miss having sex and the intimacy.

(64 yo woman with no libido)

"You created a safe space"

Optimal Hormone Health is infinitely better and more informative than my previous clinic.

(54 yo male looking to improve strength and increase sexual performance)

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