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Duo for Women

Sexual Enhancement & Increased Sensitivity

Using FDA-approved technology, our focused, low-intensity shockwave device can help enhance your sexual experience by:

  • Increasing blood flow

  • Encouraging stem cells

  • Encouraging new blood vessel growth

Who doesn't want their sex enhanced? We can treat women who just want a freshen up, or women with sensitivity issues. Examples of good candidates for treatment include:

  • Those with decreased clitoral sensitivity

  • Those with difficulty climaxing after menopause

  • Those who just want a better sexual experience

The treatment is quick and painless, with the full treatment including 6 sessions. Results can last up to 2 years!

*Results vary depending on current orgasmic & sensitivity status.

Happy Woman Waking Up
Portrait of Young Woman

"Climaxing is much easier. I love the extra sensation I received, sex is more pleasurable now"

31 yo Woman

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