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What is Andropause?

As men age and their testosterone levels decline, some men can experience what is called "andropause". Andropause is different from menopause in that it is a gradual process that happens over years- so gradual most men don't even notice until their symptoms become severe. 

Symptoms of Andropause Include:


*reduced libido 

*erectile dysfunction

*mood swings & irritability

*loss of muscle mass

*reduced ability to exercise

*trouble sleeping

*weight/fat gain

*decline in energy/vitality 

*memory loss/ lack of concentration

How can we treat andropause? 

First and foremost, testosterone!! Testosterone can help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with andropause. We can also help with other medications/supplements as indicated by your specific needs. Lifestyle changes are also important- things like diet tweaks, exercise, & stress management can help as well.